light up crochet hooks

LED Light Up Crochet Hooks


When I heard about light up crochet hooks, I thought the whole idea was absurd nonsense. I was wrong.

First of all, light up crochet hooks are the solution to a problem that pushes a lot of crocheters crazy: often, it’s tough to see that your stitches whenever you crochet using dark yarns. When you employ a light-up crochet hook, then your stitch visibility is substantially improved.

I found any Crochet Lite hooks on sale in my local Joann craft store, and decided to offer them a try.

I really, really like these. They’re not perfect by any means, but over all they are really great hooks.

For me, the biggest drawback is that they feel fantastic. I haven’t ever broken, but I feel as if I need to treat them softly — because they feel like they can break at any time.

Through use of these hooks, I have begun to appreciate I am not normally a gentle crocheter. I crochet fast, and at the method I realize that I often use my hook to yank and pull and yank.

Maybe not with those hooks, though. I slow and baby the Crochet Lites.

I’ve talked to plenty of crocheters who say that they use these for crocheting from the dark. Bad thought. I don’t recommend it. Come on, people, it’s not like you can go to the new eye store and buy a fresh pair of eyes. You’ve got to look after the pair you have. Crocheting at the dark isn’t good for your eyes, no endeavor is really important you ought to set your eyesight at risk for it.

light up crochet hooks

However, in a pinch, then such decorative pins may twice as flash lights. I found that out just one dark, difficult night when I was sailing in the Atlantic.

It had been storming for a couple of weeks, and also the moon and stars were hidden from view. Our solar panel systems hadn’t been pulling enough power from the sun to be of any use. My head lamp batteries were dead. Each of the rechargeable batteries aboard our vessel needed recharging. Our electronic equipment were dead. Our petroleum lamps were moving, but they didn’t lose enough light in the ideal spot for me to read on the compass (the Interface light was dead) and browse the ship. It had been a scary situation.

Then I recalled that I had new, never-used batteries because of my light-up decorative pins. I got a hook out of my own organizer, also used it for light to browse with. It was powerful enough that I could observe the compass only by holding the lit-up crochet hook alongside it.

Authentic narrative.

I hope you never end up in this sort of situation. But why don’t you stick a couple of hooks into your handbag or glove compartment, just in case you do? As these hooks are equally as successful as small flashlights — and they have more applications, plus they just take up less space.

Well, OK, maybe that’s ridiculous. Can I get carried away? Please, at the very least take a little flashlight — maybe put one in your own keyring. Why not?

Even in case you do, it doesn’t hurt to have a handy light-up pink hook, along with extra batteries, together with you always. I’m happy I had a few in my stash. They made me out of a true jam.

The batteries are easy to alter, since I learned by changing them from the darkened in a pitching, tossing, rocking sail boat. I picked up replacement batteries at Hobby Lobby, but the word on the street is it is possible to use hearing aid batteries like these hooks in case you can not locate the branded types that are packaged just for crocheters.

Overall, I believe this is actually a worth while product, and I am delighted to recommend these hooks to different crocheters.

Where to Purchase light up crochet hooks

I checked several Web retailers to see who had the best deal on them. During the time that I checked, Annie’s Attic had everything looked like the best deal. However, that has been including shipping costs, which are impossible for me to estimate thinking I don’t have any idea where you live, and how much shipping on your precise speech would cost.

If there are many things that you want to purchase on the web, may possibly give you a far better bargain; during the time that I checked, the purchase price tag on the hook itself was only a little higher, but when you order more than 35 worth of material together you’d probably be qualified for free shipping in the event that you are sending to an address within the united states. Hence the cost savings on shipping could wind up more than outweighing the marginally larger price. Here’s the link to among those light up crochet hooks in Amazon.

Light Up Crochet Hooks
Lighted Crochet Hooks Value Pack 9/pkg set and Case w/ 3 Pack Replacement Batteries - LED Lite Hooks - Ergonomic Handle Grips 9 Hooks Kit for Arthritic Hands Size 2,5mm To 6,5mm(Black with Batteries)



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