Crochet tool sets for beginning

Crochet tool sets for beginning


Crochet tool sets for beginning. I think you do not have to buy a lot of crochets of different sizes. The investment would be consequent! Since most of the threads found on the market are suitable for a crochet no. 3-3.5, I would advise starting with one of these 2 sizes for your first tests, with a preference for no. 3.5 that I use a lot.

Regarding the type of crochet, I would advise the plastic crochets that slip badly and that I had a lot of trouble to use when I started, even I always have at home because I love their colors and they help me out for work very big son.

The best and most ergonomic crochets I know are the tulip etimo crochets or the clover crochets. These crochets will allow you to work hours without having to hurt your fingers, but if you do not plan to crochet very regularly it may not be worth investing so much money in your crochets. The metal crochets are a good compromise because their price is affordable, they slide well and are rather easy to handle. I personally started with this type of crochet.

– What type of thread to take first?

Crochet tool sets for beginning. I would say that everything depends on the type of work you want to do. If you want to crochet a plaid or a hat type accessory, vest, scarf …) you will need very soft thread. I have personally become very selective about threads containing wool, merino and others because I am very sensitive to the maltreatment that it generates for animals (for more info see this article that I read through a published article by my girlfriend Cil), so I have not used it for several months (except when they were already in my stock). Fortunately, there are more and more ethical, sweet and very pretty threads to which my choice will be when I need it.

I often fall back on the acrylic wire but it is not great either for the environment … By cons I still have a huge stock, so I finish it and then I will look in more detail on the question to find better quality yarns. By the way if you have suggestions of brands do not hesitate to let us know in comments ^^

For amigurumis and all the colorful creations that I like to do, my darlings are 100% cotton threads (DMC brand Natura offers really extra colors, OEKO-TEX certified and made in Europe). For my amigurumis I like to use cottons that are suitable for crochets n ° 2.5 to 3.5. This type of cotton is very easy to work and there is a large choice of colors rather easily in all the haberdashery. In addition it goes up quickly 🙂

– Concretely ?

More concretely, the best is to start by choosing a book that you really want to crochet. Choose it extremely fast and simple so you do not get discouraged from the first try. For example, before crocheting an entire plaid, you could start with a cushion version to see how you’re doing.

Once the book is chosen, buy the recommended wire (or equivalent wire) and the corresponding crochets size.

Crochet tool sets for beginning-Above all do not buy too many supplies at once, take the time to test gradually, one model after another, because supplies accumulate quickly and if you crochet regularly you will soon anyway full of remnants of wire that will hang around your house.

Crochet tool sets for beginning-It is very important to know that we all make very different choices in terms of supplies and that is what makes the richness and diversity of the crochet. Let yourself be guided by your desires and do not think it “must” use this or that type of thread because ultimately it is a very personal choice. I share in this article my personal preferences but most of all trust yourself and do not let anyone tell you what to do or not to do. The more your choices are totally in agreement with your tastes, your desires and your values, the more you will take pleasure and the more your works will be original and in conformity with what you are ^^

If you read this article, I would be very curious to know your preferences in terms of son and crochets, so do not hesitate to leave us your advice and comments!

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