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Crochet Baby Headbands

The new mothers always stay curious to make their newborn chic and stylish as they are. When your little daughter is growing up, you may need to get some accessories for grooming her like a fairy. The infant crochet baby headbands and crochet unicorn hats are the latest trends in the market to make your baby look like a princess.

You can find so many attractive crochet unicorn hat patterns online and it is even easier to access simple video tutorials to start as a beginner. The crochet baby headbands design use to be quite simple; even a new crocheter can create them without facing any trouble. Below are few tips to start with best practices.

What are your accessories?


The very first thing you need to start with a crochet recipe for baby is a soft and colorful yarn. The quantity of yarn will completely depend upon the size of hat or headband and it also varies as per crochet tension, hooks size, and yarn weight. While shopping for yarn, consider these estimates:

  • Toddler hat: 60-70 grams yarn.
  • Baby hat: 60-60 grams yarn.
  • Newborn hat: 40-45 grams yarn.
  • Preemie hat: 35-40 grams yarn.

Crochet Hook:

Now you have to select a good quality crochet hook that can work with your yarn. You can decide by checking the label of your yarn as most of the manufacturers provide clear instructions about suitable hook size. Beginners often find it little difficult to choose right crochet hook; however, as you keep on practicing, you will develop a better sense of accessories to make the best crochet for kids.

Other than this, you may need a tapestry needle to sew the hat and it’s weaving ends. Beginners may also need a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the baby headband. General dimensions of baby hats are given below:

  • Toddler: 9 inches
  • Baby: 8 inches
  • Newborn: 7 inches
  • Preemie: 6.5 inches

Depending upon whether you are using single crochets, double crochets or half-double crochets, you can add the desired number of stitches to complete the hat. Once, your hat pieces are ready; you can choose an attractive finishing color to complement the main color of your crochet baby headbands. Note that, crochet baby hats vary in shape and the number of stitches can vary as per design selected by you. The great news is that crochet hat or headbands making experiments take very less time to complete. Soon your baby will get a new accessory.


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