Crochet Beachwear

Crochet beachwear


Choosing a Crochet Beachwear is always a complicated story. One room or two rooms? What color ? What material ? What style ? vintage or bohemian? Some decide to buy several to avoid having to ask all these questions and others choose to sew their beachwear, so that they are exactly as they wish. This year the Crochet is in the spotlight. It is a creative activity that we appreciate more and more, we crochete decorations as caches pots or bags, vest and why not swimsuits! Discover 4 reasons why the crochet beachwear is the must-have to have this summer!

crochet beachwear: we choose the one we prefer

The Crochet Beachwear swimsuit can be worn in one or two pieces. The shape is also very varied: a two-piece bare back or striped, a triangle, bandeau, flying, round neck … There are in all shapes and colors, you just have more to choose the ones you prefer.

crochet beachwear: all in one

The Crochet Beachwear has the advantage of going with everything! This is essential for those who are always on the mop. You put it on in the morning with only shorts, thanks to its body aspect, it looks like a t-shirt hook. You can go to the beach, have a drink and eat a bite without feeling like you’re coming back from the beach!

Bohemian chic look in jersey

The Crochet Beachwear brings a bohemian style to any outfit. By choosing your shirt in light tint, like white for example, on a tanned skin, you will just find the right accessories and you will be ready to go dancing during a festival at the beach!

Handmade crochet beachwear

When we saw the beachwear crochet become trend, we immediately had the idea to create it ourselves! No more problem size, we hook it ourselves to have a summer companion that will go perfectly! To create your own crocheted beachwear is to choose the color, the shape and to be sure to make dream all our friends during our afternoon swimming pool.

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